Linux compatibility of USB camera DN 2 / DN 3 series

There is Linux folder in the CD of our USB camera (DN 2 / DN 3 series).

There are also drivers for Linux


In this case of Linux, this driver does not always support all.

(Sometimes it does not work.)


There are two suppoting methods as following:


1. Let’s the customer try this driver software.

(Please use free demonstration equipment.)


2. Please inform us your Linux environment. In this case, it is necessary to provide following information:

(1) Kernel (Kernel) version

(2) Distribution version (Fedora 14, Ubuntsu 14, etc.)

(3) CPU (Core-i, Atom, ARM-processor, etc.)


(Note) It does not match to UVC which recognizes the camera immediately under Windows or sV4L (Video for Linux) under the Linux environment.