Is it feasible to capture images at a rate of 6 frames per second with an external trigger (a 6Hz pulse signal) on a USB 3.0 1.3-megapixel monochrome camera?

Utilizing an external trigger to capture 6 frames per second with the DN3R-500BU, a USB 3.0 monochrome camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels, poses no issues whatsoever. Our USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cameras share common trigger/strobe specifications. Please refer to the documentation and the FAQ below for assistance when using an external trigger.


The voltage specification for the external trigger is 3.3V to 24V, with many customers typically using 5V. Please ensure that the input pulse width is set to 5.1μs or greater.


The delay for the external trigger, referring to the time between the camera receiving the trigger and the start of exposure, is typically in the range of a few microseconds (μs). If intentional delay is desired, it can be achieved by setting the Trigger Delay using the SDK.


When viewing the camera from the rear, Pin1 is located on the left side, and Pin8 on the right side. Please refer to the attached manual for details. When connecting the short wire included with the camera, it will be connected as follows: Pin1 (white, black, red, orange, yellow, black, white, black) to Pin8. For using an external trigger, utilize Pin1 and Pin2.