Even our company uses long-range microscopes.
(Please refer to the long range USB microscope LRA500CS-E/S.)


Here we will introduce the multi-dimensional long-range magnifier used for visual inspection.


When examining the inside of the machine through gaps, etc. you may want to zoom in and examine (observe) the object while maintaining a distance of 30cm to 60cm.
What is useful in such cases is something called Actual Scope or Gallery Scope.





Initially, it was used to zoom in and view exhibitions in art galleries and museums from a few meters away.

Some of these lenses have focal lengths from about 30cm to infinity.

If you combine this with our long range spot lighting system you can do the following.




The photo on the left combines a Kenko “8×20” true scope with our LED-ZL3W long-range spot illumination.


When we confirmed in practice, it was about 10 times larger (visibility for φ2 cm) at 30 cm focal length and about 5 times larger (visibility for φ4 cm) at 60 cm focal length.

焦点調整ダイヤルがあるのも便利 It is also very convenient to have a focus adjustment dial on the lens side.
If the viewing area is narrower or there is a gap, you can also insert the ultra-fine fiber illumination device as shown below into the gap and observe from a distance with a long-range magnifier.