Long-time recording of high-speed camera 1

Using buffer memory or not will much affect to long-term recording of high-speed cameras

Shodensha’s low price high speed camera has 2 GB memory for recording.


If you are using a high-speed camera without a buffer memory, the video captured by camera is written directly to RAM (memory) of the PC.

Tempoary video will be saved to HDD.


In conslution, the balance between HDD saving and PC memory is an important factor in whether long-time recording or not.


If the saving speed to HDD is slow, the memory will overflow.


・Equip as much memory as possible.

・It is necessary to equip SSD instead of HDD on PC.


It is necessary to evaluate with PC although there is a long-time recording software

In the case of purchasing a new PC, it is also possible to conduct experiments at our company.


Incidentally, if you record for 15 minutes with 1.3 million pixels (1280 x 1024), it will be a 120 GB file.