Long-time recording of high-speed camera 2

With standard software, you can not record for a long time.


The high-speed camera image has a large number of frames with very large capacity.

The high recording speed is also required

I think that I can not catch up unless I write directly to hard disk or SSD.

Since recording speed is also necessary, combining between high function PC and SSD is also required.

However, if you use about half of the capacity for SSD, the recording time will drop sharply. Therefore, it is very important what to choose.

In the case of long-time recording, you should to check not only software but also hard disks too.


At our company, we provide high function PC with built-in SSD, camera and recording software (custom order) as one set.

(Recording time also changes depending on the capacity of SSD, the speed of the high speed camera and resolution)


Combining high speed camera (CHU 130 EX), SSD built-in high function PC, long time recording software, the price is about 1.2 – 1.3 million yen.