Many microscopes are sold with a dimensional measurement function.
However, even if they have a measurement function, some types are difficult to use.

When using the measurement function, a microscope is suitable for dimensional measurement if the following 2 points apply.


(1) It is a zoom lens.
(2) It has a scale, and each scale has a latch function.


In the following sections, each of these items will be presented in detail.



(1)Zoom lens

There are two types of lenses with continuously variable magnification.


・Variable magnification lenses

・Zoom lenses


Variable magnification lenses” are not suitable for measurement because the focal length changes significantly

when the magnification is changed.

Zoom lenses” are suitable for measurement because the focal length remains almost the same

even when the magnification is changed.



<Not suitable for measurement> Variable magnification lens (our SG series)

(at maximum magnification)  

(at minimum magnification)

寸法測定に向き・不向きマイクルスコープ01   寸法測定に向き・不向きマイクルスコープ02



<Zoom lenses (other than our SG series)

(at maximum magnification)  

(at minimum magnification)

寸法測定に向き・不向きマイクルスコープ03   寸法測定に向き・不向きマイクルスコープ04




(2)Scale and latch function

When taking dimensional measurements, reproducibility of conditions is important.

If the lens has optical magnification (scale) marked on it and a latch function for each scale,

variation from operator to operator is eliminated and repeatability is maintained.


<Not suitable for measurement> No latch function

Low-cost microscope (SG series)


Low Magnification Microscopes (LRS Series)

Long-Range Microscopes (LRA Series)

寸法測定に向き・不向きマイクルスコープ05   寸法測定に向き・不向きマイクルスコープ06


<Suitable for measurement> All other series have a scale and latch function.





(Supplement) When you want to measure with a low-power microscope

Our “low-power microscopes” (LRS series) are not suitable for dimensional measurement as mentioned above.

(because it is not reproducible)

Although the magnification cannot be as low as that of the LRS series, the TG series can be used as a low-power microscope

with reproducibility by adding a 0.5x auxiliary lens.

TG Series 0.5x auxiliary lens
USBマイクロスコープ 寸法測定に向き・不向きマイクルスコープ09

 Microscope TG500CS

0.5x auxiliary lens TG-0.5



Although the LRS series cannot achieve as low a magnification as the LRS series, it can provide a field of view of about two coins while still allowing repeatable measurements.