The number of video recorder GRAV-1

Our video recorder GRAV – 1 saves images in USB memory.

Supported USB memory is up to 32GB with FAT32 format.
Both jpeg and bitmap can be saved. If it is jpeg of compression system, the file capacity will be about 100 KB / sheet.

In terms of calculation, 320.000 sheets can be saved.

However, FAT32 has a limit on the number of files and about 65000 files are the limit in the root directory.
In other words, even if there is a capacity margin, it will be the upper limit of saving 65000 sheets.

ビデオレコーダー GRAV-1


GR-AV1 automatically creates three folders in the same directory and saves the data continuously in this folder.

Since you can not change the directory, it is affected by the limitation on the number of files above.