1. Observation by the sump method using transmitted illumination with a microscope

In the case of hair, when observed with a microscope, it looks like a black bar even if the magnification is increased.


超高倍率USBマイクロスコープ   Ultra-High Magnification USB Microscope
Observed at 600x


Therefore, we will introduce the sump method.

What is the < Sump Method? >
There is a method called the “sump method” (*1), in which the structure of the surface of the object to be observed is copied to a very detailed part as if it were a mold, and the copied object is observed. It is ideal for observing objects that do not allow light to pass through, such as the stomata of plant leaves and the cuticles of hair.
*1 A set of sump liquid, sump board, and sump mount can be purchased at RIKEN Trading Company.



Ultra-High Magnification USB Microscope
Observed at 600x

Observation using the sump method and the transmitted illumination method


2. Observation with a metallurgical microscope



GR3400J (Metallurgical Microscope)

HDCE-30B2 (USB camera for 3 million pixel microscope)
Image taken at 400x observation with the naked eye


It is possible to see the cuticle of the hair even with a metallurgical microscope.
However, metallurgical microscopes are large with a body size of 203 x 255 x 421 (H) mm.

The appearance differs depending on the model and method, so please contact technical support for details.