Regarding long-duration recording with high-speed cameras:

Standard software cannot handle long-duration recording.

High-speed camera footage contains a high number of frames, resulting in significant data volume. Additionally, fast data writing speed is required.


In terms of capacity, it is necessary to write directly to hard disks or SSDs to keep up. Furthermore, considering writing speed, a high-performance PC combined with an SSD is required. However, depending on the SSD product, if about half of the capacity is used, the writing time may drop significantly, so it’s important to carefully select the components.


For long-duration recording, it’s essential to consider both the software and hardware aspects.


In our company, we provide a set consisting of a high-performance PC with SSD, camera, and custom recording software, verified for operation. (Recording time varies depending on SSD capacity, high-speed camera speed, and resolution.)


However, when combining a high-speed camera (CHU130EX) with an SSD-equipped high-performance PC and long-duration recording software, the cost will be approximately 1.2 to 1.3 million yen.