Regarding the field of view of high-speed cameras

Fundamentally, the usable resolution of a high-speed camera varies depending on the desired frames per second (fps).


As higher fps becomes necessary, the resolution inevitably decreases.

When the resolution decreases, the field of view is trimmed, causing a change in the field of view between full resolution and reduced resolution.

Even if you calculate the required lens based on the camera’s sensor size and field of view, the actual field of view may not match the calculated one if the resolution changes.

The selection of lenses should be based on the resolution required at the desired fps.

For example, lens selection for the CHU530EX.



Shooting speed” Resolution Recording time (When the camera’s built-in memory is 2GB)”
100 2592x2048 4.0s
250 1920×1080 4.1s
300 1280×1024 5.4s
500 1280×768 4.4s
800 800×600 5.6s
1000 640×480 7.0s
1500 512×480 5.8s
2500 320×240 11.2s
4000 112×80 47.8s
7500 320×20 44.7s

If you select a 12mm lens for full resolution (sensor size: 1″),

– For shooting at 300fps, since the vertical and horizontal resolution becomes approximately 1/2, the required lens would be 25mm.

– For shooting at 1000fps, since the vertical and horizontal resolution becomes approximately 1/4, the required lens would be 50mm.


If you have any concerns or difficulties in selecting lenses, please feel free to contact us.