●Inquiries from customers who want to sharpen the image quality

We receive inquiries daily from users of our microscopes, many of whom ask us if it is possible to achieve
the same beautiful image quality as a high-end microscope with a microscope costing several hundred thousand yen.


●What is the difference?

Camera pixels?
Camera performance?
Lens performance?
Lighting method? etc.
Of course, those things have a lot to do with it, too. ・・・・・?


●Image processing instead of raw images?

Many high-end microscopes costing several million yen are equipped with a dedicated high-speed processing computer
and do not display raw images as they are, but instead perform various image processing before displaying them.


●Even Shodensha’s microscope images can be used for image clarification!?

Our company There are ways to obtain the same beautiful image quality as those high-end microscopes,
even with microscopes costing several hundred thousand yen.


It is a software called “Real-time image processing software REAL Effect”.
With this software
●Live-view image processing instead of still image processing.
●Move the object while the image is being processed.
●Intuitive operation for professional image processing.
●Live-view image processing can be performed using only the software, without the use of a clarification device or unit.


Observe printed text


Observation of fiber end face


Observation of cream particles


Demo units are available for loan, so please feel the beauty of this product.