What’s the attention if connect USB Camera and Tablet?

Since our camera does not support the tablet exclusive OS (WindowsRT), please check OS first.
Please alsp note that it is not compatible with Mac.

■ General purpose type

lenovo Lenovo ThinkPad
CPU:Intel Atom Z2760
strage capacity:2GB
USB端子 USB cable: port A

Display delay is severe, it is not a practical level.
The display delay seems to be a problem of the CPU’s calculation speed, memory, bit number.

Generally, it is said that “To run Windows 8, 64 bit, 4 GB are very nesscessary “
In the case of tablet general-purpose aircraft, there seems to be some lack of performance.

■High function machine type

lenovo SurfacePro
CPU:Intel Core i5
starage capacity:4GB
USB端子 USB cable: port A

The image is displayed normally. It is a level without problem in actual use of display speed.
I installed a 300M camera but it is a level without problems in actual use.

When using tablet, confirmation is necessary because the display speed may become very slow.
In addition, we recommend the type “Windows 8” “64bit” “Main storage capacity 4GB or more” “USB port is port Aand “Can be connected directly to camera” type.