If your camera suddenly stops working, first check the following.
a) Try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable.


b) Is the camera correctly recognized as an imaging device in Device Manager?

Imaging devices have the following names.
For USB2.0 camera, “NET ICube_CVam Device USB20”
For USB3.0 camera, “NET ICube_CVam Device USB30”
There is no imaging device in the device manager or the name icon above!
It will not work if it is marked with or x.
In this case, try setting up the driver again
using an account with administrator privileges.


c) If it is recognized in b), does the name of the connected camera exist in the camera model on the top left in iControl?
“NET3 4133 CU” “NET 1044 CU” etc.


d) If the name of the camera is in iControl in c), is it possible to obtain an image by pressing the Start button?
(Connect the camera, start it, and see if an image appears)


e) If the image is not output in step d) and the image is pitch black,
and the frame value at the bottom has not increased, shut down the PC,
restart it, and perform step d) again.
If the frames value is increasing, the aperture may not be wide enough or the amount of light may be insufficient.


f) Is it possible to improve by lowering the clock value?