Depending on the depth of the recess and the size of the opening, observation may be possible depending on the ingenuity.


1.The use of LED ring lighting with a small diameter


GR80-N2と小径LEDリング照明GR96-N2 On the left is our standard size ring lighting GR80-N2, and on the right is our narrow diameter LED ring lighting GR96-N2.


Since the irradiated part is close to the lens, the irradiation angle is narrower, making it easier for light to reach the recessed part.


レンズの先端に取付け If the lens is thick, it may be possible to attach it only to the tip of the lens.

2. Use LED angles to adjust the position of the LEDs

LEDアングルを使いLEDの位置を変更する レンズホルダーを上下反対に取付け
When using the LED angle, mount the lens holder upside down as shown in the picture above. (This is to avoid interference with LED angles.) 
3. Use auxiliary lenses to increase the focal length



The focal length can be extended by attaching an auxiliary lens to the tip of the lens or by lowering the magnification compared to existing auxiliary lenses.

The longer the focal length, the narrower the irradiation angle, making it easier to observe the recesses.