These are accessories that can be attached to lenses and cameras to add various optical functions.

1.A filter to protect the lens from dust and smoke, fine scratches and dirt.

2.A filter that selectively reflects, absorbs, or passes a specific wavelength of light to create a specific light effect

3.Special filters, such as polarization, to reduce reflections and glare There are many other types.

As for the installation method, there is a general filter that attaches directly to the tip of the lens.

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Protective Filters
Polarizing filter
フィルターをレンズ先端に取り付けます Attach the filter to the tip of the lens.

There is also a method of sandwiching a prismatic filter through a holder at the tip of the lens. (It is easy to replace the filter.)

<Mounting example>  
取付例 取付例

Filters up to 5 mm thick can be used on top of each other.


It can also be attached to the inside of the camera using the C-mount.

It is suitable when you do not use a lens (if you use a C-mount camera directly).