It has been reported that the following warning appears in the ICubeSDKSample_x32_x64_vs2010 project on Windows [].


a) warning C4996: ‘MBCS_Support_Deprecated_In_MFC’: MBCS support in MFC is deprecated and may be removed in a future version of MFC.
Warnings can be suppressed by adding the following line below “#define VC_EXTRALEAN” in stdafx.h.


b)warning C4996: ‘CWinApp::Enable3dControlsStatic’: CWinApp::Enable3dControlsStatic is no longer needed. You should remove this call.
This warning appears when “Use MFC” is set to “Use MFC in static library”.
The Enable3dControlsStatic() function is an old specification and is no longer needed, so please comment out the following line in CICubeSDKSampleApp::InitInstance() of ICubeSDKSample.cpp.
Enable3dControlsStatic(); // Diese Funktion bei statischen MFC-Anbindungen aufrufen