What’s USB3 Vision ?

Difference between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0

・10 times transfer rate: 350 MB / s

・Upward compatible with USB 2.0

・Maximum cable length 3 m

The basic parts are shown.


USB3 Vision was produced as “camera interface standard using USB 3.0” that can be used safely for agriculture, industrial and machine vision.

(There was no standard camera interface for USB 2.0.)


The advantage points of machine vision are:


・High-speed data transfer

・Reliable data transfer

・Stable recovery from communication error condition

Robustness (vs. Connector)

・Reliable mating

・Secure fixing to the housing

We aimed to be built.


There is a function to resend a packet when a communication error (packet dropped) occurs.

→ This will almost eliminate screen freezing that occurred with USB 2.0.


The image was saved as “camera → memory via CPU → camera → memory”.

→ You can reduce the CPU load.

(“direct memory access”, “zero copy mechanism”, “DMA”, etc. are made by other manufacturers)


In addition, the screw lock function is also adopted as the connector.

Stability and speed are equal or higher than GigE camera.

In addition, the price will be cheaper than the GigE camera.


There was also a disadvantage that maximum cable length was 3 m, but recently cable for machine vision using optical fiber has been on sale and can be used with more than 10 m.


USB3 Vision logo is attached to the camera conforming to this standard.