What’s advantages and disadvantages of USB Microscope?

USB Microscope is a microscope that connects to a personal computer using USB cable and display the resolution on the screen.

The advantage is that you can observe with a personal computer and save images easily. In addition, it is possible to do various functions such as measurement, focus synthesis, binarization, etc. Since USB microscope use Directshow compatible camera. Thus, other company’s Directshow compatible software can be used.

The disadvantage is that the display speed will be slowed in proportion to the resolution since it depends on USB communication speed. It is possible to record a video. However, frames may be dropped.

We have various USB microscopes available.


200万画素USBマイクロスコープ 3.0 mega USB Microscope(CMOS)
CCD140万画素USBマイクロスコープ CCD 1.4 mega USB Microscope
CCD140万画素USBマイクロスコープ USB3.0 microscope(CMOS)


* We also offer high magnification and low magnification microscopes. You can choose the resolution of the camera. So, please contact our technical support for details.