The camera port of the microscope is roughly divided into the following two types: JIS lens and C mount

(Besides that, there are other classic or foreign types)

JIS lens

(straight lens diameter of 23.2mm)


(Screw M25.4mm)

JIS鏡筒 Cマウント


<Camera for microscope attached to JIS len>

There is a len for connecting to the microscope at the top of the camera.

By changing this len, you can change the field of view (magnification).


The biggest advantage of this camera is to be connected to the eyepiece section.


You can also connect to the C mount by removing lens tip.

(Refer to “How to connect camera for microscope to C mount”.)


<Camera for microscope attached to C mount>

C mount is one of mount camera standards. (Please refer to “C mount, CS mount”)

Because of mount camera standards, a microscope camera is unnecessary.

It is the greatest merit that C mount type general purpose camera can be connected as it is. (Can not be connected to eyepiece section.)


However, the field of view (magnification) will change depending on the size of the image sensor on the camera.

As there is no lens on the camera, the magnification can not be adjusted.

(It must be selected when purchasing the camera adapter for microscope)

The following picture is a system diagram of some microscope manufacturers.

C-mount has various types from 0.25X to 0.63X.

It is necessary to purchase C mount matches to the number of inches of C mount camera.

Since it’s all C mount, the focus themselves matches. However, the field of view will be narrow or vignetting (shadows of four corners of the image) occurs.