Field of view when taking Full HD photograph by microscope

High definition video will be horizontally image of 16: 9. (1920 X 1080)


The field of view of the stereo microscope is a round view.


To take pictures of a microscope with a Full HD camera, there are two following methods.


If shooting all fields of view of the microscope, put out small images on the monitor.

(The resolution will be about ¼)


If shooting to avoid dark conrner,

It will be smaller than the actual field of view.

(In fact, it is enlarger)

it will be smaller than the field of view

ハイビジョンカメラ   顕微鏡用カメラ
Field of view observe with the naked eyes   HDCE-20T
Full HD camera images for the HDCE-20T microscope
ハイビジョンカメラ   顕微鏡用ハイビジョンカメラ


If you want to extend the field of view, you should use a 4: 3 camera (PC monitor direct with (analog RGB) camera or video camera) and se a len with a wide field of vision. (Some vignette will come out.)


Below picture is microscope camera with X 0.36 lens attached to our PC monitor direct (analog RGB) camera.

* Shadows appear in the four corners. Resolution is also lower than Full HD.


Use a 4: 3 camera and a wide field of vision len, the image likes the picture below.