Which items of software need to be checked when the image quality is coarse (in the case of a black case USB camera)?

1. Changing the resolution as high as possible.

There is resolution switching in application software.

(However, the resolution is higher, display speed is lower)

解像度 解像度切替

2. Adjust video properties.

The format of the setting screen depending on the camera. But, the setting items are roughly the same.


At high, the image quality is reduced

When you check AE, If the outside light is dark, the

image quality decreases


If Gain increases, the noise component will be amplified. So, the image quality will decrease.


If you increase the brightness too much on software, the noise component will also increase.

Basically, it is recommended to set the external lighting to sufficient brightness, uncheck the AE (auto white balance) and reduce gain as much as possible.