How to save video by USB Camera?

We have received the request from the customer is 「They want to record for a long time」 by USB Camera.

When recording video, the data format is uncompressed (AVI etc.) and compression (MP 4 etc.).

(When saved in MP 4, it can save with data capacity of 1/10 of AVI.)

However, software that can be saved in compressed format has problems such as licensing and there are not many free ones.

There is a famous software called “Amcap” provided by Microsoft Corporation.

The save format is only uncompressed format (AVI).


Despite of low number, there is Debut as free software that can be stored both compressed and uncompressed.

However, two softwares only correspond to the camera of the RGB system video format.

Our GR series (black color USB camera) is an RGB type video format, but the DN series is RAW 8 video format, so it does not work.

In any case, when using free software, we recommend you to check compatibility with the camera.

In the case of moving pictures, storing it uncompressed results in enormous capacity.

There are also software that limits the capacity to avoid trouble.

For example, although our standard USB software “i-Cotrol” of the USB camera, DN series also has movie storage function, capacity restriction is applied with 2GB.


For another example, if it is 1.3 million pixel type (1280 X 1024) 30 fps, it will be around 15 seconds.

In order to record for a long time, you need to use software that can be saved in compression format.

At our company, we sell movie recording software which can record for a long time.

It is specialized for long-term image preservation.


圧縮録画ソフト   Multifunction compressed movie recording software

Of course, it is also possible to record  with uncompressed AVI (.avi).

 Snapshot function that can take still images at any time, various recording / stop trigger function combining external signal and timer.