How to save video by USB Camera?

From customers, we sometimes receive requests such as, “I would like to capture and save long-duration videos using a USB camera.”

In this instance, we would like to present several methods for capturing long-duration videos using a USB camera.


Utilizing the multifunctional compressed video recording software known as “Hi TriggerREC.”


Our company provides the software called “Hi TriggerREC” for use with our USB 3.0 camera, enabling effortless creation of long-duration videos.

 Notable features of “Hi TriggerREC”:

– Possibility to record videos in H.264 compression (.mp4) or uncompressed (.avi) formats.
– A diverse range of additional functionalities, including a snapshot feature for capturing still images at any time and a variety of recording/stop triggers combining external signals and timers, is also included.


You can use the included viewer software that comes standard with the USB camera.


With our USB 2.0 camera, you can record using the provided standard viewer software. However, please note that the AVI file format it exports is outdated and has a file size limitation of 2 gigabytes.


If you require a shorter recording time, you can use this viewer software. For example, with the 1.3-megapixel type (1280×1024) at 30 frames per second, you can record for approximately 15 seconds.





You can utilize commercially available or free recording software for your USB 2.0 camera.


As our USB 2.0 camera can also be used as a DirectShow camera, you can generally record using commercially available or free recording software that supports DirectShow. If you have such recording software, you can verify its compatibility by utilizing our demo unit for recording testing.


One well-known free option is the software called “Amcap” provided by Microsoft as a sample program. Please note that it only supports the uncompressed format (AVI) for saving recordings. 






You can achieve long-duration recording on a computer using a conversion device


While it is not specific to USB cameras, one method is to attach a USB 3.0 converter to a high-definition camera and perform long-duration recording on a PC.


By using the GV-USB3/HD device from I-O DATA, you can capture videos with all models of our high-definition cameras.