Including free-to-charge.  There are many types of interval shots available


The application software 「Measure」 is standard equipment of our USB camera. However, the limit of Interval is with a minimum of 1 second, the maximum number of shots is 999.


Please introduce a software which is unlimited shooting time and number of shots. CamCap-IntervalPro camcorder (CCI-Pro)「


The continuous shooting interval can be set from 1ms ~ 90 mins. However, file saving time is not included in the interval. In fact, 「the continuous shooting time」 + 「save time」 so I think there will be a certain limit. Depending on the size of the drive, you can take pictures or video long time.


(If you use a free software, the image size will be limited.)


For me, it will be very convenient for shooting time lapse photography of microscopic activities (bacterial culture, tissue culture, microbial culture, etc.). (Please refer to 「Time Lapse Photography」)