Color? Monochrome? How to Choose a High-Speed Camera

Shodensha’s low-cost high-speed camera achieves filming at up to 1000 frames per second, all for just around 200,000 yen. We offer both monochrome and color options, both at the same price.


There’s often a misconception that if color is available, monochrome isn’t necessary. However, monochrome cameras have their own advantages. Firstly, since they don’t use RGB, their sensitivity is exceptionally high. They can even capture footage at 800 frames per second under fluorescent lighting (although flickering may occur depending on the type of fluorescent light). Additionally, monochrome footage has smaller file sizes compared to color, allowing for longer recording times.


If you absolutely need to determine the color of the subject, then color is necessary. However, if color isn’t particularly important, monochrome is recommended.

Furthermore, traditional high-speed cameras required storing footage in the camera’s internal memory, which limited recording time. Our new cameras don’t have built-in memory; instead, they use the computer’s memory for recording. This means that the more memory your computer has, the longer you can record. Additionally, we offer optional long-duration recording software, allowing for recording by the minute or hour.


We also offer demo units for lending, so if you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.