Maximum number of images that can be saved by external trigger

It changes greatly with the frame rate of USB camera.


If the Viewer software attached to our DN series, the measured value of the frame rate will be displayed in the lower row. (It is actually measured value, not theoretical value.)


In the above example, the actual frame rate is 41.94 frame / sec.


The maximum number of sheets can be taken is 90% of this value.


It becomes 41.94 × 0.9 = 37.7. In this case, you can save up to 37 images / sec.


However, the following two conditions are necessary.

· There is no count up of the above bad frame (blue circle part).

· The delay time is 0 ms


If fps increases, you can save more.


· Decrease resolution

· Increase the number of clocks (no bad frame occurs)

· Change USB2 to USB3


Voltage specification of external trigger

· The input voltage is 3.3 V to 24 V. In case

· Set the input pulse width to 5.1 μsec or more.

· The delay from the input of an external trigger to the start of exposure is several μsec.