Method for Using the Ultra-High Magnification Microscope (NSH500CSU) with Transmitted Illumination

The NSH500CSU comes with a standard simple XY table, but it does not support transmitted illumination. Here, we will introduce a method to attach transmitted illumination.

**Pattern 1**
Attach rubber feet to the RD-95T and place it on the standard included XY stage (TK100).




This method allows for the easy introduction of transmitted illumination without the need for modifications, but the size of the specimen is limited to the dimensions of the RD-95T (φ95).

While the rubber feet prevent slipping, the lighting unit may shift due to impacts such as accidental hand contact.

**Pattern 2**
Replace the rotating simple XY stage, remove the observation plate, and insert the RD-95T.




The RD-95T can be fitted into the XY table, providing a certain degree of stability. However, since the cable needs to be routed outside, it is necessary to drill a hole of approximately φ10 in the base. Our company can perform this drilling free of charge prior to shipment.