Some notes when using multiple camera on 1 PC

■ It is possible to use multiple cameras with one PC. However, depending on the camera, it may not be possible to use the same model.

(In the case of the same model, the driver software will be the same and may interfere.)

For our company, the DN 2 series of USB 2.0 camera, DN 3 series of USB 3.0 camera can be used with the same model.

■ Check the number of cameras and PC’s capabilities Basically think about bandwidth first.

For example, when moving one 5 M camera (5 million pixels) at 5 fps, 5 M × 8 bit × 5 fps = 200 M.

The bandwidth of 500 Mbps which is the band of USB 2.0 host controller × 1 is nearly half already.

Since 500 Mbps is the theoretical value, the effective value is about 360 Mbp. It is not realistic to use 5M cameras (5 million pixels) with full resolution at USB 2.0 with multiple resolutions.

(It is necessary to think about lowering the resolution and lowering the frame rate.)