Some notes when using multiple high resolution camera with automatic visual enspection software

I think Core i 7 is necessary because it will be quite heavy processing.

Of course, using USB 3.0 is a prerequisite.

As the number of cameras increases, the following problems occur.

・Setting difficult ·

・Cameras that do not recognize due to insufficient bandwidth come out. (I do not know without actually trying this.)

It may be better to increase the number of pixels of the camera and reduce the number. Those with 10 million pixels more than 4 million pixels are more safe.

Currently, I think that there are many PCs with only one USB 3.0 port.

In that case please try using the board which adds USB 3.0 like the picture below. Unlike other general expansion boards, this board is equipped with USB controller chips for the number of ports (only one is common, it is increased to 4 ports like a USB hub) ).

Professional-oriented interface board USB 3.0 port expansion USB 3.0 RX 4 – P 4 – PCIE