Frame rate refers to the number of frames displayed within a certain amount of time in a video. This number is usually expressed in frames displayed per second and is measured in fps (frames per second).


With USB technology, a theoretical maximum speed is set, regardless of the performance of the computer. Specifically, for USB2.0, the maximum speed is 480Mbps (=60MB/s), and for USB3.0, the maximum speed is 5120Mbps (=640MB/s).


Considering the theoretical performance of a USB camera that uses USB 2.0, it is approximately 15 fps for a 1.3 MP (1280X1024) image, approximately 10 fps for a 2 MP (1600X1200) image, and approximately 10 fps for a 3 MP (2048X1535) image. It is said that it is possible to achieve approximately 6fps. This doesn’t have much to do with camera performance or price.


However, these are only theoretical values, and actual performance may vary significantly depending on CPU processing power, memory capacity, and other system environments (such as software running in the background). In actual measurements, results are often around 60% of the theoretical value or less.

However, there are ways to improve the frame rate slightly. Please contact technical support for more information.