What’s High Vision?

Hi-Vision is a high-definition video standard. There are several kinds among them. (It is expressed by effective vertical resolution and scanning method.)

Those with a vertical resolution of 1080 are called “Full Hi-Vision (Full HD)”. Something less than this may be referred to as “secondary high vision”.

(I usually think that it is often expressed as “Hi-Vision”.)

There are two kinds of scanning methods as follows.


Interlaced scanning method (interlaced scanning method) and progressive scanning method (progressive scanning method).

For interlaced scanning method, add “i” at the end, “p” at the end in the case of the progressive scanning method.


If it is 1080p, it becomes full high vision (1920 × 1080) of the progressive scanning method.

If it is 720p, it becomes the sub Hi-Vision (1280 x 720) of the progressive scanning method