Recording software for GigE camera

Image synchronization between two GigE cameras is simple!


●two GigE cameras with a fully synchronized recording system.

●You can look at the same phenomenon from two perspectives, and you can see both the complete image and a portion of the magnified image.


If you require color, you should purchase a color camera. 。
Choose a monochrome camera if color isn’t crucial and you need light.


If you require a high-resolution camera, please contact us.

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The whole sync system feature is fantastic.





●Example of fully synchronized GigE camera shooting system



System example
Two GigE EG130-C cameras (1.3 Megapixels, color)
H0514-MP2 fixed focal length lens (low distortion type) 2pcs
GigE Vision Picture Frame Board (2 ports with POE power supply) EG-IB2
Fully synchronized recording kit


※A desktop (discussion) will be prepared in accordance with the camera operation requirements.


If you require a high-resolution camera, please contact us.





●Image of synchronous system diagram



To record and sync completely, the camera must be moved at the same moment.
A synchronous signal generator is therefore necessary.




What is fully synchronous recording?



When recording with two cameras linked,
the frame may alter or one of the cameras’ frames may be skipped.


You can record with two totally synchronized frames without frame shifting with this synchronization mechanism.


For example, when capturing the activity of a tool…




You can shoot the subject from two directions to check what is going on without any deviation.




Ideal for observing and recording from two locations




If you write consistently on some low-cost SSDs, even at the manufacturer’s advertised write speed, the write speed will diminish as shown in the image.






We will recommend SSDs.




General Specification

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