XY table with digital micrometer TD100

デジタルマイクロメータ付きXYテーブル TD100

The stage can be moved to X and Y directions by using a digital micrometer.
Easy to measure to TY direction because of digital micrometer.
The stage can be rotated.

The accuracy of the digital micrometer is 0.002mm.

dimensioned drawing

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General Specification

Model Number
Stage Size 150X150mm
Travel Distance
Size of Glass plate and observation plate


【Glass plate for transillumination light comes as standard equipment】

デジタルマイクロメータ付きXYテーブル TD100

【Stage size and travel distance】

デジタルマイクロメータ付きXYテーブル TD100
・Stage dimension : 150X150mm
・XY Travel Distance : 25X25mm
・with rotated table
・Size of Glass plate and observation plate φ100mm
Rotating table can be rotated by turning the white knob.

【How to attach XY table】

デジタルマイクロメータ付きXYテーブル TD100
Please remove the disk of the microscope and microscope base part and fit the XY table in that part (φ95mm)
Attachable to small stand of microscope and stereo microscope.

デジタルマイクロメータ付きXYテーブル TD100
Attachable to small stand of digital microscope.

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